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Using this portal, you can access further details about payments you have received from us. Our reporting service will be down temporarily around the 4th or 5th of each month to be updated.

Please contact us via email for more information.

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Types of Payroll Giving

• Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving donations are made from a donor’s gross pay, so Gift Aid cannot be claimed on these donations.

These donations are processed a month in arrears, so a donation made from January salaries will be processed by us in February, to arrive with charities in early March.

Payroll Giving donations are processed in arrears and in accordance with HMRC Regulations.

Payroll Giving donations will arrive in your bank with the reference:

Contact preferences
We collect donor contact preferences per charity, these preferences can be found on the far right-hand side of the Payroll Giving report. Please ensure you read the GDPR notice when you log in.

Professional Fundraising Organisations (PFOs)
To identify donors which have signed up via a PFO, use the ‘PFO’ and ‘PFO Donor Reference Number’ columns on the report to enable quick & easy tracking of donations.

• Options

The Options reports are updated daily throughout the month and contain information on donations from Individual Options Accounts, Corporate Options Accounts and ‘Every Penny Helps’ schemes.
Options payments will arrive with charities throughout the month with the reference: “CHARITABLEGIVINGVA/CHARITABLEGIVINGVA”.

• Benevity

Benevity is one of our partners, we make payments to charities on their behalf.
Benevity payments will have the reference : “CGBENEVITY/BENEVITY”.

To access reports for these payments please visit causes.benevity.org.