Frequently asked questions.

How do I sign up to access charity reports?

To sign up for our reporting service please contact or call us on 01822 611 180.
There is an annual charge, the charge is dependent on the number of donors. Contact us to find out more.

I can’t find a payment on my report?

Here is where you will find a payment based on the reference on your bank statements.
These payments will appear on your Payroll Giving reports, they will usually be regular donations but can also be one-off donations.

These payments will appear on your Options reports as they are donations from our Options Account holders. These payments are usually one-off’s but could also be regular payments known as Standing Orders.
If you still can’t find a payment and it was received at the start of the month, it may be on the previous month’s report, as it takes a few days for monies to reach your account.

These payments are not included in our reporting service. To access a report for Benevity payments please visit

How do I download a previous month's report?

Previous/historic reports are available to download in the ‘Previous Reports’ section of our online portal. Please use the drop down and select the month and click ‘Accept and Download Historic Report’. This will then download two separate reports, one for Options payments, and one for Payroll Giving payments.

Some users have problems with their browser only downloading one, or none of the reports. This is due to their pop-ups being blocked. If this occurs, please allow pop-ups for our website or hold down ctrl +alt when clicking the ‘Accept and Download Historic Report’ button.

When I log in I can only see a blank page?

Your browser may be zoomed in, try clicking Ctrl + 0 on your keyboard..

How do I renew my subscription?

As your subscription comes to an end, an invoice will be sent to you 6 weeks before it expires.
If you have not received an invoice 3 weeks prior to the end of your subscription, please contact

Why do I see only a few months or why is there missing months in the Options Reports dropdown?

The Dropdown for Options reports will only show months where payments have been made.

How often are payments made?

Payments via the Payroll giving method are paid once a month around the 5th of the Month.
Options payments either Corporate or individual are paid throughout the month. The Options report updates daily if a payment has been set out via BAC's.


Questions, comments and requests regarding this FAQ are welcomed and should be addressed to

If you would like further information, please contact us on 01822 611180